Bulls Head Local Businesses

Building Trade

Bollin Valley Flooring Services Ltd.
Carpet supplier and maintenance specialist.
Contact Name: Ian Day
Telephone: 01625 425715
Mobile: 07973 444767
Email: info@bollinvalleyflooringservices.co.uk
Website: www.bollinvalleyflooringservices.co.uk

Broken Cross Brickwork
All aspects of building work undertaken including extensions, porches, garden walls and patios.
Contact Name: Steve Bradley
Telephone: 01625 421468
Email: stevebcb93@yahoo.co.uk

Carter & Son Roofing
Carter Roofing are a father and son roofing business with over 35 years of experience, having been in business since 1978. We always work with the highest standard of roofing work and professionalism, continually striving to keep our prices as competitive as possible, offering expert results at realistic prices.
Contact Name: Paul Carter
Telephone: 01625 427074
Mobile:07525 167533
Email: info@carterroofing.co.uk
Website: www.carterroofing.co.uk

Graphic Design

Design Extreme Limited
Design Extreme Limited has successfully been undertaking marketing and advertising design projects for over 20 years, covering advertising, print, web and digital media – and, working with a range of associates (writers, photographers, web specialists, printers) we provide a tailor-made service that responds to your precise requirements, your target audiences and your budgets.
Contact Name: Andrew Collinson
Telephone: 01625 500150
Email: designextremelimited@mac.com
Website: www.designextremelimited.co.uk
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Pet Care

Liz’s Pet Solutions
National petsitters.  If you find yourself wanting to go out for the day, or working a long shift and thinking your dog will be on her/his own for too long. I can look after your dog for the day, I can both pick her/him up and take them for a walk, then they will spend the day with us. You pick them up in the evening or I could just pick them up, walk & drop off. I am very flexible and we can work together to decide exactly what fits your situation best.
Contact Name: Liz Day
Telephone: 01625 425715
Mobile: 07896 067239
Email: petcare@lizspetsolutions.co.uk
Website: www.lizspetsolutions.co.uk


Using beautiful shots of your locality to attract public and commercial interest, we also provide a link to your social media platforms, contact details and your website. This is a unique, cost effective way of increasing your client base, linked with the flexibility of offering and controlling any events, promotions, sales etc…you choose, directly to both potential and existing customers.
Contact Name: Andrew Collinson
Telephone: 01625 500150
Mobile: 07788 432377
Email: andrew@vizlinx.com
Website: www.vizlinx.com
Vizlinx.com: Digital Card

Taxi Companys

Silvertown Taxis
24 Hour, 4-8 Seaters, Wheelchair Friendly Vehicle, Airport & Contracts, Wedding Cars. Agent for Radio Controlled Vehicles.
Telephone: 01625 611333
Telephone: 01625 616666
Telephone: 01625 614617
Telephone: 01625 426666

imgres-2 imgres-1
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If you are a trader and would like to be listed please contact vizlinx.com, Email: info@vizlinx.com, Telephone: 01625 500 150.

All the above traders are local to the Bulls Head, Broken Cross, Macclesfield.
The Bulls Head does not guarantee any work undertaken by the traders listed.